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Alpha Masterclass is the Professional Trading Program developed by Eason Fintech Services that provides the Trading Robot with Artificial Intelligent (AI) with the goal to help student become independent trader and get fully funding for their trading within 3 months

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Algorithm Trading Solve Your Trading Problems

Algorithm trading is the solution for all of your trading problems. By just depending on the trading robot, it can help you trade without any emotions – and will enable you to get ROI faster and more stable. Also, by using algorithm trading strategy, you can almost predict your profit and allow you to control it to meet your risk appetite. It is just as best as hiring a well-known professional trader to trade 24/7 for you, but you know, no stress, and no emotion and time issues at all.

Robot Can Automatically Improve Your Accuracy

With this trading system, you don’t have to spend a lot of money to learn and improve your trading accuracy. You can do this without any prior knowledge of complex trading logic or coding. Once you got this system, you can simply duplicate any others guru strategy and let it automatically improve and trade for you!

Beat The Market Using “Cutting-Edge Technology”

To beat the market don’t necessarily need the perfect indicators, skill of portfolio management or even good trading psychology, but you need to have the right “cutting-edge technology” to allow you always trade fast and accurate.

Nothing is kept secret – I reveal all I know… and as I test even more things, those that are successful are added to the course – at no extra cost to you! 

Alpha Masterclass that will continue to grow and grow.

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Would you like to have someone else fund your trading account?

What exactly is FTMO?

FTMO is a proprietary trading firm that will invest in traders who can clearly exhibit faultless money management and risk management as well as advanced trading skills.

I have got my investment certification from FTMO using the trading strategies of the new frontier of trading to your everyday trading approach with Alpha Masterclass Robot Trading.

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See how I help my student to get profit using my Trading Robot! LIVE, right in front of your eyes! No B.S. 

Robot is Live Tested for more than 5 years

Student start profiting using Alpha Trading Robot since Day 1

22.27% of Profit Growth with only 1.05% of Risk

149.33% in ROI within 2 weeks

290.37% in ROI from in 1 year with Max 9.34% Risk

Alpha Trading Robot has more than 5 years of proven winning track record and capable of Profiting at any LIVE Market


Robot is Live Tested for more than 5 years


235.87 USD Profit!


98.29 USD Profit!


54.14 USD Profit!


1033.35 USD Profit!

In Alpha Masterclass, I will be demonstrating everything so you could look behind my shoulders and learn every step I make.

You can expect to boost your trading profits with the strategies and tactics you learn from Alpha Masterclass! 

Let Alpha Trading Robots work FOR YOU!

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Bonus #1

Telegram Trading Bot Assistance (1 month) (Worth $150)
  • In case I am not available, you can always ask my digital twin (aka telegram bot) to do the trading analysis together with you

Bonus #2

Secret of institution trading mindset (Worth $1,000)
  • Discover the secret of how institution traders able to maintain high accuracy over long period of time

Fast Action Bonus

AMA With Eason Leong – 1 To 1 (1 Hour) (Worth $1,000)
  • Those register fast / early will get my 1 to 1 coaching session for 60 minutes



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Anyone who wants to start trading but no time to look at the chart

Anyone who wants to solve all their emotional and lack of experience issues in trading

Anyone who wants to maximize profitability of their trading

Anyone who wants to use Robot that can help them automatically trade for you 24/7

Anyone who wants to learn method to optimise the accuracy of trading robot

Anyone who wants to avoid being victimised when trading

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Hi everyone, I’m Eason, I am born from Kluang Johor, and from medium range family. One of the most memorable things that I can always recall when talk about my childhood is always about my mother. My mother used to do a lot of part time jobs where my mum used to sell Kuih in the morning, fetch my friend, and sell nasi lemak at Hawker stall. She was really hard working and she told me that ”If you want to become rich, you need to work very hard”. But one day that I cannot see my mom, and my dad told me that my mother already admitted to the hospital. 

At the time, I realised that she was working really hard, and has badly affected her health condition. Since then, I know I want to be a successful people and change my family life. So I decided to go to university and learned about trading. More importantly, I have upgraded my knowledge with algorithm trading that has really changed my entire life. 

So guys, I welcome you to join my webinar today, so that you can understand how I start from nothing, quicky get into algorithm trading that enable to reach my goal of financial freedom. Click the registration button now and I will bring your trading journey to the next level!

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(25, Tuition Teacher)

  • He aim to do trading for living, investing money into day trading and get monthly return. He has been invited into a Forex trading group, initially the group giving great trading signal that is profiting. But sooner, all the signal does not work anymore and has caused him lose thousands and thousands of USD into the market
  • Although, he also invested another thousands into education, but none of the Guru provide the working trading strategy to him. Until he meet me on March 2020 on my EA robot trading workshop


(21, University Student)

  • University student, which is one of my close friend in uni
  • He started trading 3 years back by joining a Money Game in Forex, early wining for more than 100% in just few days but essentially losing 5kUSD because of the SCAM activity
  • After that continue trading but still struggling in handling emotion in trading. When I step in, I help him realised his weakness and introduced algorithm trading that finally solved his emotion issues

CW Thay

(35, Clerk in factory)

  • CW involved in Forex Trading for more than 10 years and joined courses all the way to Taiwan, tested multiple Trading Robot (EA) but none of them are profitable.
  • Due to his 8 to 6 working, he has no time to do trading and analysis and the trading opportunity always appear when he is busy. This annoyed CW for a very long time because of his time problem.
  • However, during Covid-19 Pandemic, CW joined my Robot trading (EA) course and now being able to build and tune his strategy from drawdown of 10% all the way to only 4% of risk. Now, he is using this trading robot and consistently generate 5% of ROI within 2 weeks.

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Yes, I will give you full access to the trading robot and all my students will entitle to any upcoming updates of the trading robot. I will constantly manage and keep perfecting the robot to match with the latest market trend.

Yes, you can use it at any broker you like. When you joined, you can download all the MT4 program that I created into your favourite broker. You can use any of your existing strategies and also combine it with mine to trade using the robot. The possibility is unlimited...

It depends on how much risk and reward you set for the robot. My preference is always low drawdown and ok profit. Putting with a number, if you want to earn 10%, then the robot drawdown is approximate 10%.

I will teach you everything on the settings part and how much you want to earn is totally in your power.

I also have a private Facebook Mastermind group where you can see all other students performance, trading result as well as their robot settings. If you like it, just take it and use it to profit for you too!

No. The opposite. I am very very strict that when you start this professional course you treat it as a business and empty your broker account (if you have one) and trade with zero money (only demo). Imagine, a just-graduated doctor that only studied the theory of surgery, would you allow the doctor to do surgery for you directly? Of course, No!

I take the same approach, I want to build you to the point where you super confident in trading and proved that you can succeed even with very little money having been spent. That's how any business should be run.

Absolutely not. Most customer I have has come from a non-technical background or had very little trading experience and had never even heard of any of the robot trading approaches I teach.

The reason I split the courses out into a Recorded tutorial and 3-month continuous live coaching is because I assume you have absolutely zero knowledge of any robot trading and I build it up incredibly slowly from the ground up. To repeat, I assume no prior knowledge. Sometimes it is better to approach this with a clean slate with no trading knowledge at all.

You can reach out at anytime for your questions to be answered related to the course and help will be provided, no matter how small the question.

Finally I have dedicated Members Only support to make sure you get help when you need it if you have any technical issues. All provided free of charge.

Absolutely not. I trade at most 4 hours per day in the evening after I done my work in the morning. About 4 hours per day is PLENTY time for you to setup the robot and just let it trade for you.

What is important is to be able to check the markets now and again during the period you choose to be active. That doesn't mean staring at the market going up and down. Watch it just enough so you can check on your trades in that period. The rest of the time I highly suggest you spend doing other things, be it your main job or even spending time on other things you enjoy. This will keep you fresh for the next day or next session you decide to trade.

In my webinar, I explained about my BEST robot trading framework that I used day in and day out. Basically, I broken up robot trading into 4 simples step. B is to identify the Bias, E is the expectation of the market, S is the robot strategy and T is trading.

I highly recommend to all my students that they learn to swing trade first in orderly markets (such as S&P500, Gold, Crude Oil or similar) where regulation are predominantly active. Again this is in line with what all professional trading firms are doing and will be a much more relaxed way for you to trade and allow you to take a sizeable part of moves.

Yes, my team or I am always very happy to speak to any potential student personally, and encourage it. Please send us an email ([email protected]) and we can schedule a call outside of trading hours!

*Limited Seats Available Only*

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